Privacy Policy

We value Privacy, yours is very important too.
Keeping this in mind, we neither collect nor store any personal information of any of our visitors except when the visitor voluntarily does so.

As per our policy, even when visitors voluntarily provide their personal information, we use it only for the particular purpose for which the information was collect. The details of future writers and feedback givers as well as of our commentators or our quiz or poll participants are used for the Stated purposes only. Under no circumstances do we sell the names, addresses, e-mail IDs or other such  information of our visitors.

However for all links outside our website, even those reached via ours, we strongly urge the visitors to check their respective privacy policies. We have neither direct nor indirect control on the same.

In addition, there might be some third party or otherwise advertisements or cookies that might store some information pertaining to our visitors for advertising relevant goods and services to our visitors.